Investment Management Strategy

We have a slightly different approach to investing

Here at Hanson Capital, you work directly with the team making the investment decisions and recommendations. Since we aren’t beholden to a larger financial institution, we are free to focus strictly on your investment needs.

A Tried and Proven Investment Management Philosophy

Our investment management philosophy is strongly rooted in fundamental analysis, coupled with a strict adherence to client investment policy statements. We are bottom-up investors and believe investing in companies with robust fundamentals, solid core businesses, dependable management teams and strong free cash flow.

We manage risk by only purchasing companies trading at reasonable valuations and we do not chase fad or momentum names. Lastly, we do not believe in market timing as a viable strategy. Ultimately, we believe that the greatest rewards exist when improving fundamentals are not reflected in the current market valuation of a business.

An Evolving Approach

While our philosophy has remained unchanged for over 30 years, the process by which we execute that philosophy evolves. For example, technology now gives us access to data at our fingertips that historically might have taken days and possibly even weeks to analyse. Combining this data with our particular perspective on investing helps us to identify opportunities.

Ideal Investments

We identify ideal investments based on four key attributes. We want to invest in companies:

  • That have a unique competitive advantage.
  • Have high or improving normalized returns on capital.
  • Have the ability to generate significant free cash flow over a market cycle.
  • Where growth is funded internally.
Non-Ideal Investments

Conversely, we avoid companies that are difficult to understand, have highly leveraged balance sheets, are acquisition driven, or whose market share is declining.