Research & Screening Process

Hanson Capital utilizes both systematic screening and creative methodologies to generate ideas. The systematic screening process utilizes approximately 10 custom generated metrics on a bi-weekly basis to provide ideas to the research team. We also utilize our extensive business network and investment experience to find ideas from industry trade sources, sell-side research and other publications.

The Research process can be described as a three-legged stool encompassing “Business”, “Value” and “People.” Business includes fundamental bottom-up research into the company’s financials, business model, and competitive standing in its industry Value includes taking an encompassing approach to arrive at a circle of value, or range of value, that we believe to be the company’s intrinsic value. Lastly, People analysis includes a review of executive management and their history of capital allocation and executive compensation. All components of the three-legged stool must be satisfactory to the investment committee before it is purchased in client portfolios.

Hanson Capital also utilizes top-down macroeconomic analysis as part of the research process. Utilizing a wide array of industry specific data and global news sources, Hanson Capital’s research team is continuously in search of insights as it relates to broad global economic trends or sector specific issues.

Hanson Capital’s research process is structured collaboratively and generated internally. All members of the team regularly meet to discuss potential investment ideas, recent economic data points, periodic portfolio analytics, allocation models, etc. As well as those regular meetings, the research and discussion is an ongoing process in perpetuity. The Firm is constantly looking to strengthen the investment management process by utilizing all members of the team’s respective knowledge and experiences. There is regularly debate on any stock, bond or general economic premise.